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Provides functional data integrity and Access action, stores large amounts of data information.
used to receive input, run the model,
function in providing services and meeting every demand from the management. A good data processing system can always solve all the problems that exist in your company
speed up measuring access to storage media.


Utilization of the right technology will be able to improve company performance. Long, complicated and time-consuming business processes can become inefficient, such as employee payroll can be carried out more quickly, effectively, and efficiently so that the HR team is able to use their time for other strategic HR needs. We have various features related to HR management in the company such as calculating salaries, tax deductions, BPJS payments, attendance and submitting leave online. In addition, it can also be accessed via your smartphone. Thus, you can easily manage and monitor administrative and company financial data efficiently anytime and anywhere.

paperless and low cost

Paperless Can Help Your Business Be More Efficient, the concept of reducing paper usage can reduce digital business operational costs. If it’s another company, it may need to provide costs for buying paper, pens, printer ink, as well as postal/courier shipping costs. So, digital businesses can be more cost-effective, because everything is paperless. Our software also uses paperless for various company financial records, which can be deleted. In addition, there are many budgets that can be suppressed, each flow of funds that has been saved on file you can see more deeply. No need to bother when looking for the files you need. Our software also allows you to monitor remotely as long as you are connected to the internet. So if you have an urgent financial problem, just use our software and you can solve it right away. Transform your company by taking advantage of the paperless benefits of our tools today. Enjoy the demo version of this software for free

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